Metal QR Tag

Welcome to the future of traceability

Permanent QR, the metal QR code designed to revolutionize how we track and manage LPG cylinders. With its robust construction, this innovative solution ensures resilience against furnace temperatures and weather challenges, making it an enduring companion throughout the cylinder's life cycle.

Smart Way to Track Your LPG


Robust metal construction
Withstands high furnace temperatures
Weather Resistance
Endures all weather conditions for up to 10 years
Data Storage
Comprehensive data capturing from manufacturing to distribution
Tracking Capability
Iterative tracking from bottling plant to market and back
Data Insight
Provides detailed information on distributorship, deliveries, cylinder age, STP expiry, and iterations


For Smart LPG


Withstands extreme conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability in diverse environments.

Comprehensive Tracking

From the manufacturing floor to the market and back, Permanent QR captures and retains data, offering a comprehensive view of the cylinder's journey.

Data Rich Insights

Gain deep insights into your cylinder inventory, including distributor details, customer deliveries, cylinder age, STP expiry, and the iterations of bottled cylinders.

Operational Efficiency

Streamline operations with real-time, accurate information, optimizing processes from distribution to customer delivery.

Regulatory Compliance

Facilitates adherence to industry standards by providing accurate data for regulatory requirements and audits.

Permanent QR from UJB Techno Labs isn't just a tag –

it’s a game-changer in traceability, offering durability, comprehensive tracking, and invaluable insights for stakeholders across the LPG cylinder value chain. Embrace the future of cylinder management with Permanent QR.